Volando traditional Cocktails

Volando Sangrita

This flavour packed sipper is served alongside a neat pony glass of Volando Blanco Tequila. A sip of Tequila, A sip of Sangrita – repeat.

Story & CelebrationS

An order of Tequila in Mexico will almost always arrive with this sweet, spicy & savoury true Mexican tradition without asking. Translated as ‘little blood’ and meant to accentuate Tequilas herbaceous flavour and heat, think of it as a friend that brings out Tequilas best side, while also cleansing your palate.

Once you nail the basics, you can adjust to whatever citrusy spice your taste buds like.

Verde Volando Sangrita




Serve alongside a neat glass of Volando Blanco Tequila


Verde Volando Sangrita


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